Advogato – 26 March 2000

(This is a re-post from Advogato, which I no longer use.)

26 Mar 2000 ยป

Decided to have a weekend to myself for once. Had a big Friday night, involving much Guiness. Had breakfast early on Saturday for once, and then drove to Bondi for lunch with Dan and Ange. Bondi was as superficial as ever and had the customary annoying Mor(m)on.
Drove Dan and Ange to Ange’s place, and since it was part of the way to Wollongong, drove to Wollongong. Didn’t get the fang out of me there, so continued on. Stopped eventually in Batesman’s Bay, some 200 km south of Sydney and 150 km east of Canberra. Had a cheap vietnamese meal there and saw Hanging up. Sad movie – take a tissue or two.

The alternatives were to drive back the way I came, or via Canberra. Went via Canberra. Excellent fang. I think it’s out of me now. Drove around inner city Canberra for twenty minutes trying to find a petrol station (Echo’s have to be filled occasionally, and mine was approaching 500 km). None really, so pottered off to the Hume highway. Got petrol at Goulbourn, 630 km from my starting point, whilst still having about 10 litres left (about 140 km to spare). I love fuel efficiency.

Drove home from Goulbourn, eventually crawling into my driveway at 3 am to share my bed with two damp and hungry little felines.

Sunday was a complete waste. I was going to spend some time working with Reiserfs and my secret project for it on my Alpha, but since I slept in until 3 pm old time (2 pm non-DST time), I decided to rip through Crytonomicon instead. Good choice. Tried seeing the Insider but not on any more. Bad. Went to Burger King to make up for the loss.

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