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Met Dan and Ange, Jason and Michelle, and Dennis and his partner, and Margaret for breakfast in Williamstown today. Tried a new place, which is literally next door to my favorite breakfast haunt. It’s freaky to try something new after four or so years of the old, particularly freaky as the new place is right next door.

It wasn’t bad, and the service was good, but that’s more a function of the awful parade held there which eliminated all parking for miles, and subsequently, all patronage for what is normally Williamstown’s busiest day. I bet the traders hate those days.

I’m sure the organizers wanted (and got) a car-free zone, but if you’re targetting young families, they come in cars. Cars require parking spots.

Spent most of the day (and it’s not over yet!) writing more of the OWASP Guide, specifically, working on the Session Management chapter, which is a bit of a mess. And plus, it didn’t incorporate all the newest attacks, so basically it was long and useless. Now, it’s a bit shorter, but far more useful.


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