Low life scuzz buckets in disabled spots

Nothing makes my blood boil more than selfish pricks.

I was at the supermarket today. As per usual, a born to rule fuckhead had parked their oafishly large SUV in the disabled spot whilst not displaying a disabled sticker. I realise that sometimes you might be carting around elderly relatives, so I let it go when I went in.

When I came back, the Toyota Pratto truck was still there, and an able bodied woman was behind the truck putting shopping in. I gave her the evil eye. There were non-disabled spots more than capable of taking her stupidly large monster not even 10 metres away. Would it have been so hard to park legally? Would her legs have given out if she had to go those extra few metres with her shopping trolley?

So TFN 247, you are outed as a low-life scuzzbucket. I hope that one day, you are disabled and can’t get a disabled parking spot … ever. That way you’ll know exactly how selfish you have been.

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