Day One so far…

Well, day one was just excellent. There is a reason that Black Hat is the premiere security conference in the world, and it has a lot to do with excellent speakers and great topics.

I woke quite early and was dressed prior to breakfast arriving. Yes, I know that there is an alien impersonating Andrew, the regular Andrew will be back soon enough I fear. Luckily, the organizers work on the basis everyone is sloppy drunk from the night before, and most days don’t really kick off until ~ 10 am.

Talking sloppy drunk, there was a VIP event last night I was supposed to go to, but I didn’t feel up to going out and sure enough, when I heard about the lap dances and the security consultant who missed all the morning sessions due to being still drunk, well, I’m glad I gave it a miss. Apparently he is sharing a room with a co-worker, and he only had socks on. Not nice. Oh well, plenty of time to get that sloppy drunk in the next few days.

The keynote was a bit disappointing. The guy ranted for an hour and wanted to kill people. Don’t we all? I think it was the worst presentation I’d been to since I went to a Simple Nomad presentation a few years ago when he was reading his Vogon poetry to a hot, bored and restless crowd in front of a psychodelic X screensaver.

Then of course, my excellent presentation was on, and we had a 3/4 full house, which was good as we were up against David Litchfield. Lots of people stayed on, which is even better. Got through the slides on time and had some good quality questions. I gave myself 5/5 on the feedback form. I’m sure the others will agree. 🙂 I gave away the two packs of Tim Tams (Black Forest cherry, and Tia Maria), and I gave Simon Gerraty the vegemite. It’s a good thing than an ex-pat has the Vegemite as I know it would have been tasted once by a furriner and thrown away thinking I was trying to poison them.

Went to a few more sessions, all of them good. I liked the session on hacking hardware. The presenter, Joe Grand, really knew his stuff and I enjoyed learning just how crap the security is on the various devices.

I met with Jessica Goldstein from Addison Wesley in the afternoon. We talked about the Guide and the other book I have been sorta neglecting since 2001. Hopefully something will come of that soon.

Now, it’s time to go get sloppy drunk.

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