World of Warcraft: bigotry and interventions

On bigotry

As (more than) well documented elsewhere, Blizzard have some explaining to do. They selectively stamp out gay, bi, lesbian and transgender friendly activities and options (such as advertising GBLT friendly guilds or in game same gender marriage), but do not stamp out the hetero version of the same activity. Either ban both, or allow both. There is no half-pregnant.

I think this story (found via Technorati) explains it best:
In News Weekly

Boing Boing is also running with it:
Boing Boing

WoW is littered with idiots using “gay” and “fag” as an offensive term, like “that’s so gay” or “you fag”. Yet these people are not warned or banned, as described in this post.

Blizzard need to get their act together before someone uses their country’s anti-vilification laws to slap them upside the head and close down what seems to be a fairly popular game if some of my friends are any guide.

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