My Mac is back. Oh yeah!

I’ve been off the air effectively for two weeks with the temperature sensor issue. It’s been everything I could do just to do the things I had to do, like moderate the webappsec queue. Everything else – writing the Guide, responding to e-mail, doing my slides for OWASP EU, etc have all been put on hold. That really sucks.

The AppleCenter told me that my Mac would be ready at 3 pm, so when I popped in at 4.45 pm to pick it up, I was surprised to find that it was not yet done. The tech replaced the lid and I got out of the store just after 6 pm. :(  

AppleCenter Richmond repaired my Mac using a spare part from another G4 laptop that didn’t end up needing it, rather than wait any longer for the mythical part to come from Apple’s lephrechaun factory. The laptop now has no warranty, so hopefully it will survive long enough for me to save enough dosh to buy a MacBook Pro, or … more likely a nice shiny Dell. 

The trackpad button is now really stiff and the temperature sensor is reading the ambient temperature of the interior of the case (around 25-40 C depending on use). This is good. However, I feel an eBay auction coming on as soon as I have the difference in dosh between the sale of the G4 and the next one. I can’t stand lemons.

Now, to get my life back in order. If you’ve been waiting for an e-mail response from me, I can now do it. It will take most of Easter to get through them all. I beg for your patience. 🙁


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