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In other news, all my talks for OSCON were rejected again. Why did I bother? I should have paid attention my last year’s rant. Most likely, I will have to give up on submitting papers to certain open source developer’s conferences as honestly, why bother doing the work of doing the research, creating the paper and slides only to be rejected? Luckily, two of my submissions were from colleagues, so I didn’t squander a lot of resources on those talks, even though for example, I’m working on porting ESAPI to PHP, which is the subject of one of the rejected talks.

I’ve identified the following security talks for those security folks still considering going to OSCON (although I’d recommend saving your money for OWASP USA as we already have a schedule of 45 web app sec talks in three tracks, and two full days of tutorials, including several two day courses where you’ve got an actual chance of learning something. Just saying.)

So five talks and two three hour longer talks. Here it is in graphical format for you:


A couple of the talks are likely to not offer that much in the way of solutions. Sadly, no Ruby, Python, administration, database, emerging topics, or people security talks. Worse, there are no Java security talks, which for an semi-incomplete track, I found sort of astounding, especially as I submitted two Java security talks and one PHP talk. The official “security” track has two three hour talks, both detailed above. Even if you look at it from the point of view of OSCON having 16 tracks, hopefully with equal time for all of the tracks assuming there was a lot of competition for speaking slots, there should be 215/16 = ~ 13.4 security talks, not 7.

Although I am glad my friends are accepted whilst talking about security, I think OSCON needs a new program committee. This one is broken.

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  1. “Hack this App! PHP security workshop, the usual sort of scare the punters talk common in talks at conferences I attended about 5-10 years ago. I really hope there’s some solutions in this one. There’s no point in saying you have a problem unless you have a solution, which is what all three of my submitted talks were.”

    It a Talk about “how” to make an audit, what you might find and what are the solution on every attack.

    It’s an interactive workshop, that always have good review.

    You can add the name of the Speaker, Damien is at almost every PHP conference.

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