A review of 2008

Last year, I made the following observations / resolutions. Let’s check out how well I did:

  • Be a good dad to Mackenzie my gorgeous daughter, and a wonderful (hopefully less chubby) hubby to Tanya, my beautiful wife. 

I think I succeeded at this one

  • Lose some weight and mean it this time. What New Year’s Resolution is complete without this one?

Although I am lighter (149 kg down from probably ~ 155 to 160 kg), I’m not significantly lighter. I could have been close to 100 kg if I had stuck to an appropriate diabetic friendly diet and exercised more. I blame baby girl. JOKING. I’m a member of the cult again, and I have diary entries for walks and gym, so hopefully this time next year, may be I could be closer to 100 kg than I am today. 

  • Finish at least one piece of first class research in the web app sec field

Nope. Not even close. Started a few though. And that’s the subject of my next post – what to look forward to in 2009.

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