Andrew: Cultural Learnings of America Benefit Glorious Nation of Australia

Well, it’s time to go home.

We’re leaving the USA at the end of the month, and should be back in Australia February 2-4.

It’s going to be a bit busy over the next few weeks whilst we pack, sell all our worldly goods, and organize our new life in Australia.

I’ve had a blast whilst in the USA, and I’ve been to (at last count) 25 states. I will update my Google Map and find out for sure. I’ve seen lots of places I’d never come to by myself, like Pittsburgh, and loved every bit of it. I’ve been to places that I would have been, and loved it – like Miami, SF, NYC, and DC. Recently, we started exploring Baltimore, but unfortunately, that’s going to be cut short. I hope to make the Air and Space Museum before we go, but the amount of stuff we have to do, including sell the car, may simply preclude that.  

I don’t have a job lined up yet, so if you are in a position to hire a remote worker or have a position in Melbourne or Geelong, Australia, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on Linked In, and I’d be happy to give you my current resume.

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  1. Andrew,

    It’s been a blast working with you. Whenever you came here on a project I can tell you that not only were people worried when you walked through the halls(’cause they knew their app. was going to be destroyed) they were also happy to see you. They knew you were evenhanded, fair, available, helpful…. the list goes on & on. Drop me an email to exchange info. and keep in touch.

    Steve K.

  2. Andrew – I wanted to thank you for all of your past support and offer my best wishes. Stay well and let me know if I can do anything for you. pd

  3. It will be good to have you back. Afraid I can’t help you with a job unless you’re looking for entry level php grunt work. Hope to catch you at one of the upcoming OWASP Melbourne meetings.

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