Back in Australia

It’s a bit of a shock coming back. Some things are the same, many things are very different. 

I had been homesick for some time, and I was glad to meet up with my family and my cat(s). Unfortunately, Greebo either did not remember me or worse, didn’t want to talk to me. Meebles was not to be found. I hope I can look after them again soon. Mackenzie is a universal hit here with everyone, which is awesome. She’s also taking well to so many new faces. 

The weather changed from being icy and snowy -5 C (20 F) to a scorching 47.9 C (118.2 F), with the worst fires on record raging about 200 km from where we now live. We’re okay – even if so many are not. My thoughts are with those affected by the fires. 

The sunsets are glorious – I’ve missed them. You can only work this out once you actually viscerally experience something old you fondly remember. The light is different here, and not just because the air is tinged with burnt ash and smoke. 

The shopping hours shortened, the online shopping options that were in Australia seemed to have disappeared. I remember far longer hours in the past, and many more options … but they’re gone. Oh well. 

I managed to drive on the correct side of the road with no real issues – still haven’t turned into the wrong lane, although shopping center car parks are still interesting. 

TV is still crap, and yet awesome. I had missed good news coverage, and weather forecasting that is within 1 degree C of the actual temperature a few days out, and now I have it back. I miss the ease of watching what I want on my Tivos, but then again, I know have a lot more time to do stuff with my family. I always found US TV a bit odd – almost everything was bleeped, but there was no diminuition in the number of bleeps. Tonight, I watched a depression special with one of the world’s best comedians, Stephen Fry, and he dropped the c word, and various other words that would be bleeped in the US. I will not miss the bleeping.

We’re well on our way to restarting our life here. Life is good.

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  1. BECSTA! I’ll e-mail you offline to find out what your number is as my address book is currently bereft of its details. I should be in Sydney sooner than later.

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