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For those of you sitting on the fence about coming to OWASP AU 2009, it’s time to book. šŸ™‚

The training materials I’ve developed using OWASP ASVS covers all the ground in the ASVS in one day, from a developer perspective:

  • About the Application Security Verification Standard
  • What you need to verify code
  • About RiskĀ 
  • The ASVS Levels
  • Verifying Architecture
  • Verifying Authentication
  • VerifyingĀ Session Management
  • VerifyingĀ Access Control
  • VerifyingĀ Input validation
  • VerifyingĀ Output encoding / canonicalization
  • Verifying Cryptography
  • Verifying Error Handling / Logging
  • Verifying Data Protection
  • Verifying Communications Security
  • Verifying HTTP Security
  • Verifying Configuration
  • Verifying Malicious Code
  • Verifying Internal security controls
  • How to write a decent report and how to communicate (good and) bad newsĀ 

It’s going to be a long day, so bring your game to the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. OWASP AU is a true bargain compared to commercial offerings.

If you have some training budget, book a ticket and come see me and have a blast!

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