OWASP EU 2009 Coming Soon!

OWASP EU 2009 is coming up! This year, it’s held in Kraków, Poland. Time to book!

Program highlights:

  • Keynote: Ross Anderson from Cambridge University. I’ve wanted to meet Ross for many years. Those guys are legends!
  • Keynote: Bruce Schneier. I bet there are groupies
  • w3af – Andrés Riancho. This is one of the best free toolkits I’ve tried recently. It’s awesome.
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution, Luca Carettoni, Independent Researcher & Stefano Di Paola
  • OWASP Source Code Flaws Top 10 Project, Paulo Perego, Spike Reply
  • O2 Advanced Source Code Analysis Toolkit, Dinis Cruz
  • … many others!

Although I would love to be there – I had a blast at OWASP EU 2006, I can’t attend this year. Which is a shame, because OWASP AU 2009 was huge fun, and I can’t imagine OWASP EU 2009 would be anything less.Don’t make the same mistake as me! Book now!

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