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Well, what an interesting weekend. A cold, working like a slave, and one of my co-workers is a father for the first time (Congrats, Ty!). But that’s not the most interesting news.

I will be taking sole ownership of my forum, Aussieveedubbers, sometime this week. This means that I will have to spend a bit more non-existent personal time attending to it.

This is good and bad news:

  • For UltimaBB, the underpinning forum software, it’s fabulous news. UltimaBB was never released and is now effectively a dead project. My acquisition of AVDS gives me the impetus to make the forum software as good as I can make it. Once I’m complete, as it’ll be by far the most secure PHP forum out there. Very few open source programs ever get the chance of a top to bottom code review. Once I’ve fixed all those issues, I will think about possibly adding a few flashy features and integrate it with CPanel and others, so ISPs can easily deploy it. Obviously that integration will not come cheap. Hopefully, I can start to earn a bit of income from the forum, finally.
  • For OWASP, this is not good news. I have two current projects, the Developer Guide and ESAPI for PHP. I need ESAPI for PHP to be complete to help UltimaBB, so you can guess which of the two projects will get my time.
  • For my personal life, I hope Tanya will forgive me making her do some basic accountancy work. I think it’ll ease her eventual way back into the workforce in a few years, as she is terrific at accountancy, and I would hate to see her lose all her skills for the want of a bit of work here or there. However, it’s not just delegating the book work to my poor suffering wife, it’s also a bit of an ask for the few hours I have to give right now.

So if you want to help with the Developer Guide, please join the mail list and let us know how much time you have, and where your interests are.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    I will try. The problem is that I have approximately eight to ten hours of free time a week and I can choose to do one of the following things with it:

    Go to the park with my baby girl
    Go hang out with the wife
    Read a book
    Watch TV
    Keep my knowledge up to date
    Or geek out (ESAPI, forum, etc)

    You can see why I don’t get a lot of things done!

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