Be careful for what you wish for

Well, the Emissions Trading Scheme is dead – for now. Yay! I do a little dance on its grave. We’ll have to fight it when the double dissolution election comes up sooner than later.

However, I wasn’t expecting the mad monk, Tony Abbot, to gain the Liberal leadership. That was a surprise, as I bet it was to the majority of the Liberal party MPs.

With such a right wing, homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-pretty much anything we’ve achieved over the last forty years to several centuries, and top of that a truly hard core Catholic¬†elected leader by the thinnest of margins (1 vote – a donkey vote *), the Libs will be in electoral wasteland for at least one and probably two more elections. Either the Libs will have to split into the electable bit and the unelectable’s, or they will have to try again in a few years after they get rid of Abbot.

Abbot is simply unelectable – even my wife who leans in the Libs direction doesn’t like him. Sure, Abbot will make the hard core religious and climate deniers happy, but they’re a tiny minority here – and they already vote Liberal. All the moderate swinging voters – they who elect our governments – will abandon ship once they realize just how backward Abbot is on so many things.

With Abbot being the mental giant that he is, he’s going to oppose pretty much all Government bills. I bet he opposes a really stupid little bill and that’ll be the trigger. KRudd could phone it in and win.

Bring it on – maybe enough of the disaffected voters will move to the Greens and we can get some real carbon reduction instead of the reward-the-polluters ETS.

* I bet the idiot ^H^H^H^H^H Member of Parliament who cast the deciding donkey vote (‘no’) is regretting their ineptitude tonight. The silly thing is that the vote was almost certainly cast by a moderate Liberal. That moron has ensured they stay unelected for at least another four and most likely seven years.

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