Black Day For Australia

Today, the Labor Government, pandering to a tiny minority of voters who will NEVER vote for them, will proceed with censoring our Internet.

Many of these hard right wing “Christian” (who obviously missed the entire point of the New Testament) “voters” (Exclusive Bretheren, etc) do not have computers let alone TV’s or newspapers to be offended by the Internet. Worse still the Bretheren are some of the only people in Australia who are allowed not to vote. And for their vital electoral “support”, we all get censored. WTF!?!


Today, I start censoring the Internet for Australian Government departments. If your DNS name ends in “”, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll not be able to see this site and the other sites I run. E-Mail from sites will be delivered to /dev/null. In future works I create, I will make an explicit disallowance preventing Australian Government public servants and contractors from using my materials until the censorship mechanism comes down. I will encourage everyone I know to put up mandatory “” filtering. See how you like it when the Internet is useless to you and you have to use personal Internet connections to get anything done.

I will fight this censorship scheme in every way I can. I will publish mechanisms on how to bypass it. I will encourage people to defeat it, even if they don’t have to. I will campaign against my local ALP member. You’ve made a political activist out of someone who used to just rant about politics around the water cooler. I am not the only one. Labor is doomed for a generation or more by this one heinous act.

Labor – shame shame shame. I’ve voted for you – stupidly it turns out – for my entire adult life. I’m sorry, but I’ll vote for Donald Duck before I grace your lice ridden corpse with the “1” mark ever again.

Conroy – he who shall not be named from here on – you have are the Internet’s Public Enemy #1. You have cost Labor the next election, even with the Liberals in complete disarray. Labor cannot ever trusted to govern ever again.

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