Inbox Zero

It’s Inbox Zero time again. Every year, I do the Inbox Zero thing and archive all my mail (read and unread) on January 1 from the year just gone. I also tell myself it’s time to start following the IZ rules, but … they somehow always fall to the wayside.

I get a lot more personally addressed e-mail than most folks do, and I don’t have a chance to action every item that needs it. I know I have missed replying to at least 20% of my mail – my bad. To make amends, I will work on replying to the last three months of outstanding mail by the end of the year. But I bet there will be mail that still needs actioning that will be archived.

Action Required: If you e-mailed me, and not had a reply from me by January 1, please re-send your mail to me after January 1, and mark it REPLY NEEDED in the subject. I have an e-mail rule that flags such messages and I will reply to you.

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