Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in VMWare Fusion – Keyboard issues

I upgraded my VMware Fusion image to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS over the weekend, and everything went well except for the keyboard. It wouldn’t work.

So here’s how I found out how to fix it:

  • Go to the Accessibility Preferences at the bottom of the screen, and tick on screen keyboard.
  • You have to reboot because for some unknown reason, it doesn’t start unless you do.
  • You can now type in your password on screen. Once logged in, your keyboard works
  • Go to terminal, and reconfigure your console:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
  • Reboot, and you’re done.

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  1. Thank you, it did work !

    I need to wait for a fix of this feature with VMware Workstation 7 with all display resolutions. Right now I’m lacking of some higher resolutions in 10.04 LTS version. So, I snapped back to previous 9.10 version.

    thank you and best regards

  2. I tried VNC connections, giving the bluetooth controller to the VM (reset it back with a vnc). Nota

    Your fix worked like a charm, brilliant


  3. Thanks a lot, mister! I haven’t got time to fight with my computer today, so I really appreciate your help.

  4. Yeah, this is great — unless, as is the case with ALL my virtualized 10.04s (UNR, Xubu, Ubuntu), you have no keyboard, even once you log in.

    And the onscreen vanishes, ne’er to return, it seems, once logged in.

    I can access terminal, I can paste in code, but I cannot paste in a carriage return that the terminal will then act upon.

    Suggestions, anyone?

  5. I have a iMac and I dont have a green button and so I have not been able to follow. But id does seem that I Have the same issue that everyone else is having.

    I have VM Version 3.1.0 for mac

    please help

    Thank you!

  6. There is a another, much simpler workaround:

    1. Dump your overpriced Apple Hardware,
    2. Buy some fair priced, high value hardware
    3. Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    –> Everything just works (TM)

  7. When it comes to laptops, when you spec up tier 1 competitors to be

    a) as light and as small as either of my Macs for the screen size
    b) as quiet (if possible)
    c) as many ports (I have a bunch of USB, Firewire, DVI/HDMI outputs, Bluetooth mice and keyboards, etc)
    d) with as fast a processor, RAM, and disk (fast Core Duo2’s are rare except in the most expensive of PC laptops)

    … PC laptops are always more expensive than a similar Mac. By the time you’ve formatted over Windows and put Ubuntu on there, got 3d video and all the periphals and network services to work properly, I’ve been using my Mac for hours.

    It’s just cheaper, especially if you go from Vista to Win 7 like my wife’s laptop. Yes, I know Ubuntu is “free”, but it’s not free if I have to spend my time looking after it.

  8. Actually, it almost works for me. I login, but my keyboard still doesn’t work.

    I had to change the layout to macbook pro. It was a clever game of cut and paste between OSx and the VM

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