Securency and bribery

Australia developed polymer (plastic) bank notes from the 1970’s onwards, and they’ve been our currency since the 1990’s.

This bank note technology is essentially counterfeit proof – notes can have holograms, microprinting, a transparent window, “watermarks”, very colorful inks, metallic strips, and the notes are long lasting and machine washable. There’s a lot of positives.

The company that is formed by the Reserve Bank of Australia to print and market this technology is called Securency. They’ve been embroiled in a bribery scandal.

I just don’t understand how a company with a technological monopoly (it’s hard to figure out how to print on plastic) let itself be the conduit for bribes, particularly in the countries where the bribes are alleged to have occurred.

If I was a negotiator, and my opponent asked for a commission, structured deals, or outright bribe, I’d just report them to the head office, let them report to the other side’s┬álocal police, and then wait for the other side to appoint a new negotiator after justice has seen to be done. Their new negotiator would be so careful it would not be funny – you mean to do business, but the stench of corruption will not be tolerated.

We’re talking central banks here. Countries that have corrupt central banks are failed states – we cannot and should not be a part of these countries.

Like all financial institutions, the RBA and Securency employees and agents would have had to have undergone background checks, and yet many of their representatives and head office staff still committed a very serious crime – one punishable by jail time in Australia. Just remember background checks are an indicator of past criminal convictions, not future actions. Don’t waste money on them – just have strict anti-corruption policies in place, and walk everyone is tainted. The rest of the staff will get the picture more than a background check ever will.

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  1. The Australian people who have been there a while tend to think of Australia as an honest place, honest government. The tragic fact is that the Australian reserve bank is as rotten as every other one in the global new world order cult which owns them…well almost all of them as Bush’s “axis of evil” actually represented the 7 countires who’s central banks were not owned…including Iraq…by the corrupt
    cult who’s purpose is world domination undert the control of it’s illuminati.

    This disastrous plastic note was hated with a passion until people just gave up and sort of accepted it, with occasional relapses when it’s dreadful qualities once more arise…The great excuse “anti-conterfeiting” portrayed some kind of innocent science when in fact the system was being sold by the corrupt company as no one with even half a brain would introduce these vile things.

    Those failed states you speak of include Australia, America and Europe…the less failed one is the one they throw taxpayer’s funds at in a sort of tithing to the new world order tabernacle of corruption, Israel. Voila

  2. Wow. You’ve hit every conspiracy theory on the head, there. Good one.

    No one I know hated plastic notes with a passion. I like them. They really do reduce counterfeiting. Compared with the old $100 note, which seemed designed for color photocopiers, the new notes are way better.

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