Arbib is a spy, or we are the 50-57th states of the USA

Mark Arbib, agent provocateur of the right wing ALP and one of those involved in the coup against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, turns out to be a protected source of the United States.

The Age calls Mark Arbib a “confidential contact” for the USA, but so was convicted spy Jean-Philippe Wispelaere.

According to Wikileaks disclosure of US diplomatic cables, Arbib met with the US embassy on many occasions and fed information to them that would be news to the public as well as his political party and so called friends within the ALP. In Australia – and for that matter most countries – we’d call that spying for a foreign country. Arbib never held a foreign affairs portfolio or had any dealings with DFAT, so this it is extraordinary that a savvy political operative would risk his political future for … what?  I don’t know.

Will Arbib be sacked or have the decency to resign? Unlikely. Gillard would be afraid to act against Arbib as he knifed her predecessor and owes her job to this man. If she has a spine, there’s no better time to act than now – it’s obvious he has to go. No hard feelings, mate – nothing personal, but you possibly broke Australia laws that explicitly prohibit this type of activity.

Realistically, as someone who really like the USA, we should just get over the charade of being an colony of Britain independent country, and become the 50th to 57th states of the United States of America. Being a puppet state is so embarrassing.

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