Upcoming speaking engagements – AusCERT and iTSMF

I am scheduled to talk or give tutorials at a couple of places so far this year.


I am giving a two day Secure Coding tutorial using OWASP’s Application Security Verification Standard.

This course is different to most security training courses you’ll ever take. It teaches architects, lead developers and developers how to design and code in a positive fashion. You’ll learn of about 80 controls over the two days, and complete four hands on labs and a bunch of demos. Of course, you’ll see me demonstrate ninja levels of breaking crappy applications, but my primary goal is for you to build secure software.

Now that you want to come, you should bring your laptop with the ability to run a 64 bit VMware VM. As the VM is Linux, it could be converted to KVM, Xen, Parallels, or Virtual Box. You can take the VM home along with the slides and learn even more later.

This is the cheapest method of getting instructor led training by me. Registration here. There’s about 10 spots left as far as I’m aware.


Later in the year, I am giving my well received talk at itSMF, an ITIL aligned operations conference, on how to make your security dollars work harder for you. This talk is aimed at CIO, CISO’s, and those who are tasked at securing their stuff with ever less budget, or ever more capability (or both).

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