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As many of you have probably noticed by now, my larger than life frame is not at AusCERT 2011. This is a shame as it sounding like one of the best AusCERTs in the history of AusCERT. There’s a couple of reasons for my absence – flu and the strange case of the disappearing job.

My services at Pure Hacking are no longer required, and so I need to get on with the job of getting on with the next phase of my life – and that means finding a great job that allows everyone to win.

There are a couple of options on the table as I write this. But the most intriguing to me right now is to be the advanced gun for hire for consultancies with schedule overload. If you think your consultancy could use me in that fashion even a few times a year, I definitely want to hear from you. If I can make alliances with even a few of you, this could work for us all. This would allow me to work for anyone in the world from my lab here, and would allow consultancies all over the world to plug their scheduling nightmare with one of the best web app sec minds* out there period.

I have a strong preference for remote telecommuting jobs as I live in a regional city. This doesn’t mean that a full time job in Melbourne is out of the question, but I will be upfront about my need for flexibility (i.e. allow me to work on the train and a day a week at home), or full time remote working from Geelong. Being 2011, full time or partial telecommuting should not be a difficult decision today.

I know I have a small but loyal readership in this blog, so if you know someone who knows someone, I’m available. I only have a short window before I have to make a decision, so if you’re able to pick me up, I definitely want to hear from you – vanderaj @ greebo . net.

* Just in case you didn’t know, I was the Project Leader and primary author of the OWASP Developer Guide 2.0, OWASP Top 10 2007 (the one in PCI DSS), and ESAPI for PHP, and I helped set the exam for the SANS GSSP (Java).

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