RIP Meebles 1997-2011. Best cat ever

Some blog entries are easy to write. Not this one.

Meebles is no more. In the end, it was peaceful, but his last days must have been hell. At least he had chicken (and lots of it) last night.

I first met Meebles in early 1998 when I was looking for a companion to Greebo. I went to the Lost Dog’s Home, and picked the most¬†feisty¬†cat there. After 14 years, I know now why his original slaves put him up for adoption again, but I didn’t mind the random attacks, the aloof distance he preferred, and his general bat craziness. It was part of his charm, and it’s the reason I picked him. He had 3 days to go before what I had to do today would have been done to a six month young cat back then.

All in all, I got the best of the bargain for all 14 years. He was steadfast in his loyalty. You had to earn that loyalty, something dog owners will never and don’t understand, but once you had it, he was a part of your life.


Meebles watching over me

I miss him already. Catchya round buddy.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, Andrew. My cat Zeke died almost a year ago, after having been around since 1999, so I know how you feel. Hope you can find some comfort in the fact that you gave Meebles a good life.

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