Validating ASVS 1.0 beta using a PHP application

A long, long time ago, I took on running Aussieveedubbers, a forum based around the love of Volkswagens. We were on EzBoard, where the adverts and performance sucked so bad, that free was no longer acceptable. Over many iterations, I now run UltimaBB, a derivative of XMB. I had various titles – including lead programmer […]

ESAPI for PHP news

AccessReferenceMap, RandomAccessReferenceMap and IntegerReferenceMap, and enough of the other classes (FileBasedAuthenticator, StringUtilties, etc) are present and working: This is very good news as although some of the other classes in Milestone 1 are complicated, these two classes were actually going to be some of the hardest to port as PHP does not have the equivalent of J2EE […]