Texas School Board of Education ^W Dumbasses

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Texas’ Board of Education will be ridiculed by pretty much everyone (including me in this post). I would make more fun of them if the consequence of their gross incompetence didn’t lead directly to irreparable harm to the next ten year’s worth of students who will be unemployable in any medical, bio medical, biology, DNA testing, […]

Andrew: Cultural Learnings of America Benefit Glorious Nation of Australia

Well, it’s time to go home. We’re leaving the USA at the end of the month, and should be back in Australia February 2-4. It’s going to be a bit busy over the next few weeks whilst we pack, sell all our worldly goods, and organize our new life in Australia. I’ve had a blast whilst in the USA, […]

2009 – The Year of WebAppSec Solutions

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future” – Orwell, 1984 Looking back at the last few years, we’ve made some huge leaps at swatting at issues that bit us in back in the past, but still have not made a huge fundamental leap to controlling the […]