We’re fully baked! Welcome to Mackenzie Lynne van der Stock

What a week! Today, we came in for a nice ultrasound with the in-laws so they can see, and maybe beg our obgyn for an earlier inducement. We sort of got what we wanted, and then some! We never made it to the obgyn appointment as things had moved on! In a whirlwind, it turned […]

Australia has a new government! Yay for democracy!

The old guard has been thrown out. In true Australian style, if you stick it to the battler, attacking and destroying the very fundament of Australian society – “a fair go”, you’re out. And the Australian people have spoken, and it looks like soon to be ex-PM John Howard may even lose his seat. It […]

Cultural Learnings from the Great United States Of America

Well, I was watching this new show called “The Big Bang Theory” last night (on Tivo-To-Go at the hospital, but that’s for another blog entry another time). It’s written by Chuck Lorre who has done a lot of great comedy, including Two and a Half Men. I quite liked it, as what’s not to love? Cosmologically-correct lyrics […]